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Welcome to Tandoori Garden, which conveniently located in the heart of Katy, TX. We are pleased to introduce all of you a new taste in town which is reflection of unique and authentic finest cuisines from Himalayan country of Nepal and India. The finest of Nepalese and Indians cuisines are rich and diverse. Using the fresh vegetables, meats and sea foods which are fully flavored with fancy spices and modest herbs combine to provide a culinary experience to all of our guests.The hospitality of the Nepalese and Indians is legendary. In Sanskrit literature, the famous words “Atithi Devo Bhavah” or “the guest is truly your god” is a motto of Nepalese and Indian hospitality. Nepalese and Indians believe that they are honored if they share their meal times with guests. Nepalese and Indians are known for their incredible ability to serve food to their guests very warmly .We are trying to prepare all the dishes to meet your taste preference, our menu consist of food originated from different parts of Nepal and India. We hope and trust that you will enjoy the taste from Himalayan countries of Nepal and India with majestic atmosphere and experience the difference. Delicious, creative and healthy food is our commitment to serve our customers with an excellent customer service.
Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Appetizers
Vegetarian  Appetizers

1. Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) -$ 3.99 - Crispy Pastry Stuffed with green peas, potatoes, fresh coriander leaves with mild spices and herbs.

2. Paneer Pokora -$ 4.99 - Homemade cottage cheese cubes marinated in our mild spice dipped in batter of chickpeas flour & deep fried.            

3. Paneer Tikka - $7.99- Aromatic blend of homemade cheese cooked with tomato sauce and yogurt, garnish with ginger and cilantro.            

4. Onion Bhaji - $ 3.99 - Sliced onion fritters, Punjabi savoy pastry filled with lightly spiced vegetables.

5. Mixed Vegetable Pakora - $4.99 - Fresh assorted vegetables deeped with mild spices chick peas flour and deep fried.

6. Vegetable Cutlet - $ 3.99  - Spiced vegetables patties with bread crumbs and deep fried.

7. Dhai Papri Chat - $ 3.99 - A cool north Indian snack a hit with Delhi’s parliamentarians.

8. Samosa Chaat $5.99-Samosa pieces, mint sauce, tamarind sauce, yogurt, garbanzo beans and spices.

Non Vegetarian  Appetizers

9. Chef’s Special assorted Appetizer (for 2 people) - $8.99 - Assortments of fresh vegetable pakora, samosa, chicken pakora and paneer pakora.

10. Keema Samosa (2 pieces) - $ 4.99 - Crispy pastry stuffed with minced lamb, peas, fresh coriander leaves with mild spice and herbs.

11. Chicken Pakora - $5.99 - Mildly spice of boneless chicken pieces dipped in batter and deep fried.

12. Chicken Mo Mo (Nepali style Appetizer) - $7.99 - Minced chicken mixed with our own Nepalese spices stuffed in a thin    flour warp, steamed and served with Nepali chutney.

13. Chilli Chicken Dry (Nepali style Appetizer) - $8.99  - Fried Marinated Boneless Chicken stir fried with green peppers, onions and Nepalese spices and herbs. It’s our own perfection. 

14. Chicken 65- $8.99 - Fried marinated boneless chicken stir fried with green chili, curry leaves and yoghurt sauce garnished with cilantro. 

15. Chicken Chhoela (Nepali style Appetizer) -$8.99- Boneless chicken marinated with our own Nepalese style and roasted in a clay oven, served with touch of fresh ginger, garlic, onion & cilantro.


16. Tomato Soup $4.99- A delicious tomato soup flavored with herbs & garnished with fresh mint and cream. 

17. Lentil Soup $4.99- Lentil soup made with herbs and mild Indian spices. 


18. Tandoori Garden Salad - $3.99 - Fresh garden salad with cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and lettuce garnished with cilantro and  serve with our own dressing raita. 

19. Mixed Raita - $3.99 - Chilled homemade yogurt blended with cucumber and garnished with roasted cumin seeds  and fresh cilantro. 

20. Kachumber salad - 2.99 - Cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, green peppers in a black pepper and lemon juice. 

Tandoori Specialties

Tandoor is a barrel shaped Indian clay oven which is used for roasting lamb, chicken, sea foods & baking breads with fired charcoal or a gas at a temperature of 600 degrees ( approximately).  Tandoori foods are low in Cholesterol, which is recommended for all .All tandoori items served on hot sizzling platter. 

21. Achari Tikka(Nepali style dish) - $13.99 - Tender bite size of boneless chicken cubes marinated with blended pickle and seasoning spice in a sour base  and roasted in clay oven.        

22. Tandoori Chicken (Full - Half) - $15.99 / $8.99 - The tastiest way to clay oven whole or half chicken marinated in blended yogurt and seasoning spice and herbs to ts perfection.

23. Chicken Tikka - $12.99 - Tender bite size of boneless chicken cubes marinated in blended yogurt & mild spices roasted in clay oven.

24. Chicken malai Kabab - $12.99 - Tender boneless chicken cubes marinated in a low fat sour cream & our mild spices, roasted to get perfect taste. 

25. Reshmi Kabab - $12.99 - Minced white chicken supreme marinated in a light Indian spices and cooked in clay oven to its perfection. 

26. Shish Kabab - $13.99 - Minced lamb with our own combination of herbs and spices, roasted in a clay oven.

27. Lamb Tikka - $15.99 - Boneless cubes of tender lamb marinated in blended yogurt, garlic, and ginger with mild spices  and roasted in clay oven.

28. Tandoori Prawn - $15.99 - Finest shrimp marinated with mild spices and cooked in a clay oven.

29. Sizzling Grill (Garden special for 2 people) - $22.99 - An assortment of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, shish kabab, lamb tikka, tandoori shrimp,  navaratan korma, pulao rice, naan served on hot sizzling platter.   

Poultry Dishes (Includes Pulao Rice) 

30. Chicken Curry - $11.99 - Boneless chicken cooked with a delicately spiced curry sauce.

31. Chicken Makhani (Mild) - $12.99 - Tandoori boneless chicken cooked with creamy tomato sauce, butter and mild spices.

32. Chicken Tikka Masala (Mild) - $12.99 - Marinated boneless chicken roasted and cooked with delicious sauce, garnished with ginger and cilantro.

33. Chicken Majedar $11.99- Boneless chicken pieces cooked in tomato onion and hot sauce with exotic herbs.

34. Chicken Chilly Masala - $11.99- Boneless chicken pieces cooked with green chilli, onions and hot Indian spices.

35. Chicken Ceylon - $11.99- Boneless chicken cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, and bell pepper in a fresh spicy onion gravy.

36. Chicken Saag - $12.99 - Tender boneless chicken cooked with fresh spinach in a rich blend of north Indian spices.

37. Chicken Korma (Mild) - $12.99 - Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in a rich and delicious almond flavored creamy sauce.

38. Chicken Vindaloo (Hot) - $11.99 - Delicious combination of chicken and potatoes sautéed with cumin seeds, onion, cilantro and  cooked with firey South Indian delight.

39. Chicken Jalfrazie - $11.99 - Marinated chicken sautéed with fresh green vegetables, garnished with ginger, cilantro, spices and herbs.

Lamb Dishes  (Includes Pulao Rice)  

40. Lamb Curry - $12.99  - Tender lamb cubes cooked in a traditional flavorful curry sauce.

41. Lamb Bhuna- $13.99 - Cubes of lamb cooked with special gravy with tomatoes, onions and aromatic herbs.

42. Lamb Pasanda (Mild) - $14.99 - Tender pieces of boneless lamb meat cooked with rich creamy sauce and garnished with  saffron, nuts and herbs. 

43. Lamb Majedar- $14.99 - pieces of lamb cooked in tomato onion and hot sauce with exotic herbs. 

44. Lamb Saag (Mild) - $14.99 - Boneless pieces of lamb cooked with spinach and Indian sauce, garnished with ginger.

45. Lamb Vindaloo (Hot) - $13.99 - Delicious combination of boneless lamb and potatoes sautéed with onion, cumin seeds, cilantro and cooked with firey South Indian delight.

46. Lamb Rogan Josh - $13.99 -  Tender lamb pieces cooked in traditional Indian spices and a saffron flavored gravy sauce.

47. Goat meat curry (Nepali style dish) - $12.99 - Bone in goat meat cooked with traditional Nepalese village style spices and herbs.

48. Jhinge machha ko Tarkari (Nepali style dish) - $15.99 - Carefully seasoned shrimp with an exotic blend of Himalayas curry sauce.

49. Zinga Malai - $15.99 - Prawn curry cooked with coconut milk and mild spices.

50. Prawn Bhuna (Mild) - $15.99 - Roasted shrimp cooked in a very special mild seasoned sauce. 

51. Bombay Fish Curry- $14.99- Cooked bombay style in a light curry sauce with tomatoes. 

Fresh from the Garden (Includes Pulao Rice)  

52. Matter Paneer (Mild) - $9.99 - Fresh Homemade cottage cheese cooked with green peas, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and creamy mild sauce.

53. Saag Paneer - $9.99 - Delicately flavored spinach cooked with fresh homemade cottage cheese, garnished with chopped ginger, an exotic delight.

54. Dum Aloo - $9.99- Potatoes prepared with herbs and exotic spices in a dry sauce.

55. Aloo Tama Bodi - $9.99- Combination of potatoes, bamboo shoots and black eyed peas cooked with Himalayan spices.

56. Paneer Makhani (Mild) - $10.99 - Fresh homemade cottage cheese cooked with our chef’s delightful tomatoes creamy sauce.
57. Dal Makhani (Mild) - $9.99 - Delicately assorted whole lentils beans cooked with creamy sauce and garnished with garlic and herbs.

58. Aloo Gobhi - $9.99 - Fresh cauliflower & potatoes cooked with seasoned perfection, garnished with fresh cilantro along with ginger.

59. Chana Masala - $9.99 - Delicious chickpeas cooked in an exotic blend of north Indian spices and herbs, garnish with cilantro.

60. Geera Aloo - $9.99 - Potatoes simmered with cumin seeds, onion, ginger, tomatoes and garlic, spiced with exotic mixed masala.

61. Bhindi Masala - $9.99 - Fresh Okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes and north Indian spices and herbs.

62. Baigan Bharta (Mild) - $9.99 - Tender, mashed eggplant blended with onions, tomatoes and, cooked to richness of spices.

63. Navratan Kroma (Mild) - $9.99 - Combination of fresh garden vegetable mix cooked with mild blended cashew nut sauce.

64. Jhane Ko Dal (yellow dal) - $9.99 - Yellow lentils cooked to perfection in a traditional wok with won Nepalese spices and herbs.

65. Malai Kofta - $9.99 - Fresh homemade cottage cheese mixed with garden vegetable  formed in ball & cooked with fresh blended tomatoes and gravy sauce.

66. Bhuteko Cauli (Nepali style dish) - $9.99 - Fresh garden cauliflower sautéed with very own Nepalese herbs & spices, garnished with cilantro & ginger.

67. Mix Vegetables - $9.99 - Baby potatoes cooked with fresh garden peas, cut beans, along with tender carrots. 

Basmati Rice Specialties 

68. Pulao Rice - $3.99 - Saffron Rice with fresh garden peas and cumin seeds.

69. Vegetable Biryani (It’s a meal by itself) - $10.99 - Basmati rice and a mixed of fresh vegetables flavored with saffron and cooked with a special sauce.

70. Chicken Biryani (It’s a meal by itself) - $12.99 - Aromatic basmati rice mixed with boneless chicken, cooked with delicately spiced including    saffron,  exotic sauce and herbs.

71. Lamb Biryani (It’s a meal by itself) - $15.99 - Aromatic basmati rice mixed with boneless lamb, cooked with delicately spiced including   saffron, exotic sauce and herbs.

72. Prawn Biryani (It’s a meal by itself) - $15.99 - Basmati rice mixed with shrimp, cooked with mild Indian spices on low heat to rich real flavored & taste.

73. Goat Meat Biryani (Nepali style dish) - $14.99 -  Pure basmati rice with bone in goat meat, richly flavored with saffron and cooked in aromatic Nepalese style spices.

74. Chef's Special Veg Thali - $16.99- A complete combination of vegetarian platter with Vegetable Korma, yellow daal, Garden Spinach, Samosa, Naan, Raita and Kheer. (This item is not available for Carry-out).

75. Chef's Special Non Veg Thali - $19.99- A complete combination of goat curry, chicken tikka masala, Garden Spinach yellow daal, Samosa, Naan, Raita and Kheer. (This item is not available for Carry-out).

Freshly Tandoori Baked Breads

76. Tandoori Naan - $1.99 - Popular Indian style soft flour bread baked on the wall lining of the clay oven.

77. Tandoori Roti - $1.99 - Traditional Indian wheat bread baked in our clay oven.

78. Garlic Naan - $2.99 - Naan made from refined flour with a subtle touch of garlic.

79. Laccha Paratha - $2.99 - Multi- layered wheat bread cooked in our clay oven and garnished with pure butter.

80. Garlic and Basil Naan - $2.99 - made from refined flour with a subtle touch of garlic and basil.

81. Onion Kulcha - $2.99 - Soft flat bread stuffed with freshly chopped onion and cilantro, baked in our clay oven.

82. Aloo Paratha - $2.99 - Whole wheat bread stuffed with mashed potatoes, green peas, cilantro and spices.

83. Peshawari Naan$3.99- Leavened fine flour bread stuffed with almonds, pistachios and cashews.

84. keema Naan$3.99- fine flour bread stuffed with minced lamb, ginger cllantro

85. Poori  - $1.99 - Tender & puffy wheat bread deep fried in pure vegetable oil, it gets great taste with chana masala.

Sweets and Deserts

86. Kheer (Nepali style desert) - $3.99 - Aromatic basmati rice pudding, sprinkled with almond and pistachios.

87. Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream) - $3.99 - Traditional home made Indian ice cream, your choice of Mango or Pistachios.

88. Gulab Jamun - $3.99 - Golden fried milk pastry ball dumplings in sweet hot saffron syrup and served hot & cold.

89. Gajar Halwa - $3.99 - Grated carrots cooked gently in milk and generously sprinkled with nuts and serve hot.

90. Rasmalai - $3.99 A popular north Indian dessert of fresh homemade cheese stewed with safforn flavored Reduced milk, served chilled.

Kids Friendly Meal
91. Chicken nuggets, Yummmmmy they will love it - $4.99  

92. Macaroni & Cheese meal, which includes choice of dessert and choice of juice or soda. It’s very healthy and favorite food for all Kids - $4.99

93. Chicken Strips - $4.99- Crispy strips of all white chicken breast served with homemade fries.

Beverages and Drinks 

94. Soft Drink - $1.99 - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ice Tea, Orange and Club Soda.

95. Choice of Juice - $2.99 - Mango, Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry and Apple.

96. Mango Lassi - $2.99 - Homemade yogurt with mango puree blended with sweet, served chilled.

97. Salted Lassi - $2.99 - Rich, creamy and churned yogurt served sweet and chilled. It’s a healthy drink. 

98. Masala Tea - $1.99 - Aromatic tea, made with the highest grade choice tea leaves boiled with milk and selected herbs.

99. Kathmandu coffee - $1.99

100. . Any Order of Extra Sauce - $3.99

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